AUB Beach Re-Opened

aub beach.jpg

The AUB beach, a facility open to all AUB student’s has been reopened as a reminder that summer has begun. The entrance of the beach is located next to Charles W. Hostler Student Centre, take a stroll down to enjoy the pool, sea, and not to mention the great weather. The beach is the perfect place for AUB students to socialize with friends or just catch a quick tan.

Registration at AUB

Every student has to go through it, it’s one of the most tedious processes of the year. You have to wake up at like 8am and open your computer and pray to god that the ‘kahraba’ doesn’t cut. You sit there typing your CRN’s only to find out that 3/5 classes that you wanted are full and now you have to rush to find new classes and you end up with a schedule that starts at 9:00 am and ends at 6:15 pm. The AUB administration needs to find a solution to this problem and figure out how students can take their major courses without all the hassle.

Lebanon Ranks 99th in World Press Freedom Index – 2nd Among Arab Countries

Reporters without borders issued their yearly World Press Freedom Index and Lebanon came in the 99th place among 180 countries (dropping 1 spot since last year) and in the 2nd place among the Arab countries behind Tunsia.

Here’s what they had to say about the state of press in Lebanon:

Lebanon’s media are outspoken but also extremely politicized and polarized. Its newspapers, radio stations, and TV channels serve as the mouthpieces of political parties or businessmen. Lebanon’s criminal code regards defamation and the dissemination of false information as offenses. Journalists who are prosecuted and convicted by a “print media court” are usually fined, but a prison sentence is still legally possible. Bloggers and online journalists may receive summonses from the “bureau for combatting cyber-crimes” if something they have posted on a social network elicits a complaint from a private party.

Morevoer, below is a list of some Arab countries compared to us:

97 – Tunisia
99 – Lebanon
104 – Kuwait
119 – UAE
123 – Qatar
126 – Oman
138 – Jordan
158 – Iraq
161 – Egypt
164 – Bahrain
165 – Iran
166 – Yemen
168 – Saudi Arabia
177 – Syria

The country with the freest media turned to be Norway, followed by Sweden, Finland and Denmark, while North Korea came at the bottom of the ranking.